【10月17日】沖縄そばの日 Okinawa Soba Day







Today is Okinawa Soba day.  Okinawa Soba is made of wheat flour—the ingredient of Japanese Soba is Sobako (buckwheat flour).  The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) pointed out the fact (it has to contain at least 30% of sobako to use the name “soba”) and Okinawa Noodle Manufacturing Co-op conducted a campaign to keep the name “Okinawa Soba” and negotiated with the JFTC.  October 17th is the day the JFTC made permission to use the name Okinawa Soba in 1978.  It is considered to be one of our soul foods in Okinawa and many local grocery stores feature Okinawa Soba on this day.  There are countless Okinawa Soba restaurants on this island with different flavors and it would be fun to go and find out what restaurant taste you would like best.